Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Been A While!

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic weekend and caught a few of the last rays of sunshine. Sorry for the lack of posts, I stayed at Ross's all weekend and didn't have a chance to update between the mass of unhealthy wonderful snacks and films as we immersed ourselves in a movie marathon. Ended up watching all three of the Matrix films along side Superbad and Airplane (all of which were Ross's choice).

Anyway, onto my beaut of a package that arrived a while ago from The October Union an amazingly unique online store that offers great vintage items. When I saw this gorgeous skirt for $5 I just had to have it! Granted it was in the sale, and the postage cost me more than the actual item but a grand total of around 14 quid isn't too shabby in my books.

Waistcoat: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Skirt: The October Union

Elephant Necklace: Ebay
Owl Necklace: Present from Ross 


The random sunny spell we've had has really got me excited for summer but alas it's forecast to snow next week. Snow! In April, crazy! Nothing we can do I suppose, except pull a jumper on. 
I've got quite a few things planned for over Easter including a spot of DIY, so watch this space! But until then I'm going to leave you with a brilliant music video by Ballyhoo/Eventide, a really great local band. So it would be really great if you could check them out and support them. 


  1. Love that skirt!!!! And the elephant necklace is to die for! <3

    1. Thanks! Ikr, I saw it on ebay for 99p and just had to have it!

  2. The skirt suits your style well! I like it, especially with the crochet vest. And excellent choice in movies! Airplane & Superbad are especially good. I haven't seen either in years...but I love the line, "Stop calling me shirley!" jeez...I have to watch that again.

    1. Thank you honey! My fave bit of Airplane is the blow up pilot, haha! xx

  3. Hey Safiya!
    So happy to have come across this post. Glad you like the skirt- it looks great on you! Thanks for the little shout out:)

    ❤❤❤ The October Union


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