Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hair Bow

Good afternoon everyone, hope you're all engaging in the many fantastic Easter activities i.e. eating lots of chocolate. I myself have gorged on breakfast consisting of mini eggs and chocolate nests, well you only live once eh?

Here I decided to be adventurous by taking some pictures in a different location, nah I'm just kidding I was just being lazy and wanted to sit on the floor. Though look at my hair man! I followed this video to make it into a funky bow, though I did struggle a bit as my hair is just so damn long. I need a hair cut.

 Shirt: Second Hand
Jumper: Charity Shop
Leggings: Primark

 *Rabbit in headlights much*

So apart from looking like a scared rabbit I love this outfit as it's just so easy to wear and quirky at the same time. It's all thanks to this wonderful jumper that I picked up in one of my local charity shops yonks ago for only a couple quid. Who doesn't appreciate a little bit of a geometric pattern nowadays? Anyway, I best stop procrastinating and clean my room and then actually get down to some studying. Ergh. 

Hope you're all having a fab Easter, I leave you with this:

Because, quite frankly, I'd love to be in an octopus's garden right now. 



  1. OMG that is some amazing hair! I need to instantly grow my hair out instantly! Love the sweater! <3


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