Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Good day you fine people! I'm in a jolly good mood today, must have something to do with the glorious sun that's been shining all day! Here's an outfit post from a couple days ago but these dungarees haven't actually come off! They're so comfy and make me feel about ten years old again. I got them off Ebay ages ago for about a fiver but the straps were too small (size 10 my arse!) so I had to lengthen them with an old belt of my brothers. I reckon the stripes look quite funky if I do say so myself. 

 *I look like I'm doing lunges!*

Dungarees: Ebay
T-shirt: Borrowed

 *Just a casual ninja pose for you there*

Thought it was about time I introduced you to my lovely pet cat, Chloe. She doesn't look that pleased to be in these photos with me, haha. I've had her since I was 10 and she is completely and utterly nuts! Like her owner I guess.

Anyway, I have a date with Shakespeare and I'm already running late, Will doesn't like to be kept waiting! 

Hope you're all enjoying the sun if you've got it!

Always reminds me of summer!


Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hello readers! Yes all six of you! I managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed this morning and go to school (because I'm a dedicated student and all that shiz) but to cheer me up I thought I'd wear my new Ebay purchase. Now, I have never worn/bought anything leopard print before. 

In actual fact I really disliked it. That is until I got the sudden urge to deck my entire wardrobe out with the feline print. Must have had a bad case of leopard print deficiency. Anyway...

 Shirt: H&M
Body: Ebay
Shorts: DIY
Belt: Primark
Necklace: Ebay 

*Cheeky bra strap!*

 *Why hello there chubby cheeks!*

Tada! I bought a leopard print body! Although, it does have really thin spaghetti straps so my bra straps are on show to the world when I take my shirt off, which I didn't anticipate would happen. But my gosh was it nice and warm today! The sun was actually out for once, made me feel like a right banana for taking my coat.

I also did something different with my hair, snazzy I know, I partly french plaited it down the one side to give the illusion that one side is shaved. Reminds me that I really need a hair cut.

And yes I am wearing these shorts again.

Bit of Gaga to entertain your ears!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tiny Man With Feather Duster

I'm ill. 

I feel like as though a tiny man has set up residence in my throat and is forever tickling its walls with a feather duster. Whilst googling 'tiny man with feather duster' I came across this:

Which I found highly amusing! Though, I still feel like shite!

BUT I haven't exactly been helping myself. I went to my boyfriend's music college gig last night and stayed over at his because it finished so late (I had an hour and a half journey to school this morning!). I really enjoyed it, however I cannot lie and say all the acts were amazing, cos... well... they weren't. The first act was a guy on an acoustic and a female vocalist and she kept telling the poor guitarist that he was playing the songs wrong! I felt so sorry for him. It was a shame because I thought she was a pretty good singer she just needs to work on her performing haha.My boyfriend's college band (called Whitestar) were great, though Ross insists that he went wrong in so many place, I cant say I noticed.

Anyway! Enough chit chat, here's a couple videos of the gig with my shoddy camera skillz:

*Ross is the guitarist on the right*

*Yet another example of my shoddy camera skills*
It's a shame that the memory card for my camera only let me film three songs (one of which I cleverly deleted by accident) because they performed their own songs too which were rather brilliant. I also definitely need to work on my camera skills, though in all fairness I couldn't really stop people from walking in front of me. The quality is rather terrible too, however good news is I'll hopefully be getting one for my birthday next month! Ooh its all exciting stuff!

I shall leave it at that and carry on sipping at my Lemsip! Have a good rest of the week!


Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hello! Here's an outfit I wore during the week, I just wanted something easy and comfortable to wear so as usual my bum grazing shorts came out, haha! I swear I practically live in denim shorts, though I am trying to break my denim wearing habits. This waistcoat was actually salvaged from a bag of my dad's old clothes and is great as light coverup in the summer. Oh summer, how I long for you!

 Top: Friends
Shorts: DIY
Waistcoat: Dad's
Hat: Topshop
Belt: Primark

I love this top which again I salvaged from a friend when she was having a wardrobe clear out. I'm probably portraying myself as a raging clothes thief, aren't I? I swear I don't go round stealing clothes in the night, promise! I do buy my own clothes, on occasion.

Also, thanks to anyone who comments on my posts, I love reading them and checking out your blogs! So on that note, I leave you with this: 

(It was Ross's choice)


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

It's Wednesday

Hello! and happy Wednesday! Hope you're all fine and dandy. I wore this outfit yesterday teaming my DIY dress with some vintage pieces and my brogues. I made this dress out of my mum's old summer dressing gown, would you believe? Originally it was floor length with long sleeves and had a massive rip down the length of one arm. She was going to chuck it out but I loved the embroidery detailing so much so I kept it for ages before finally doing something with it haha. I am glad I did as it is now one of my favourite DIY pieces that I've made.

Cardigan: Dad's 

 Necklace: Present

I haven't been up to much recently in all honesty. I'm a boring old sod at the moment! I have a busy week next week so hopefully I wont be as boring haha! On a good note I did receive some lovely packages from Ebay so ill have those to share with you sometime soon. Oh and I made some changes to my blog layout, looks smarter now. Don't you think?

And on that note, I shall leave you with a band i discovered a couple of days ago. Pretty much in love with them!



Monday, 12 March 2012

I Ventured Outside!

Hello! Hope you all had a smashing weekend! I stayed over at my boyfriends and he decided a short walk would be a great idea before I headed home. Well a ten minute walk turned into a four hour one! We ended up lost in the woods though admittedly it was so worth it. The views were just gorgeous! I also managed to get some outside shots of my outfit, just to show you that yes, I do venture outside. Sometimes. 

Hat: Boyfriends
Scarf: Charity Shop
Jumper: Internationale
Top: Friends
Waistcoat: DIY
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Vintage 
 *Face shot!*

This is probably my favourite jumper, I've had it since i was about 12 and its from Internationale (back when it was cool) and has washed and worn so great. Though I do have to admit the arms are a little on the short side, but nothing a stylish bit of sleeve rolling wont solve. I stole this hat off my boyfriend when it was really cold outside once and just, well never gave it back. These shorts are making yet another appearance, well what can I say? They are my fave after all. I do regret wearing tights on our little expedition as they kept getting snagged on all the branches and brambles. Believe me I looked more than a little worse for wear by the time we reach civilization once again! But like I said it was worth it and here are some photos to prove that: 

 *Ross being a silly!*

 It really was beautiful and we stumbled across a great camping area where we intend to return to in the summer. Oh and you would not believe but we were sat in this field and two deer emerged from within the trees and stood looking at us for about five minutes then cantered away. It was amazing, just wish my camera hadn't have run out of battery by then. Though I did managed to cobble a video together with my shitty amazing video editing skills. 

 *Sorry the camera quality is shite!*


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Going Back To The Start

Hello! So despite some very disappointing A-level results on Thursday my chin is up and here is another look for you! After seeing an E (yes an E!) on my results sheet I am more determined than ever to get the A I need in English. So after this post out come the books and I'm going to crack on with coursework! 

 *Chubby Cheeks!*
Top: Ebay
Shorts: DIY
Cardigan: Charity Shop
Cross Necklace: Ebay

 Yesterday I went up to my friends house and we got Chinese accompanied with a nice bottle of rose. We ended up watching a film called 'The Runaways' with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart (who we made fun of all night) and it was pretty good. The film really made me want to dress like a rock star and wear face paint and HUGE platform heels! Bet that would give the old folks in my village a lil' bit of a scare, haha! Just listening to Coldplay at the moment and preparing myself for my coursework with lots of tea! But it's all good I'm going to Ross's tonight for beer and Naruto so on that note I'll leave you with this. Have a good weekend!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Hello! Here's an outfit post of what I wore to a Jam Night my boyfriend organised. It was a bit of a flop as two bands pulled out and so it finished much earlier than expected, so me and a disappointed Ross got some chips and ate them in the cold, lol!  My mum was having a massive clear out the other day and threw away this tunic/dress as well as some other great pieces that I shall showcase on this here blog sometime soon!

Dress: Mum's
Bag: Topman
Hat: Vintage
Ring: Turkey

Please excuse the blank expressions, I'm yet to master the skill of facial expressions! I have a habit of wearing clothes that aren't mine it seems, what can I say? They just crawl into my wardrobe unannounced! But,I really do love this dress/ tunic thing. Its a size 16 and I reckon it was meant to be worn as a top, though I'm just about short enough for it to cover my bum. It's also got some handy ties around the waist to bring it in and avoid tent top syndrome. Hope you liked this, and thanks for reading! 

Love a bit of Marvin!

Why Hello There!

Right ho! So the idea of a blog has been rattling about in my head for a good while and I thought to myself 'what the hell' and grabbed the bull by the horns and well... yes...here I am!

So! Let me introduce myself: I'm Safiya, in my last year of A levels (eep!) and I love being creative in almost every shape and form, so expect to see a lot that plastering itself on this lil blog of mine!

And on that note!  

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