Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tiny Man With Feather Duster

I'm ill. 

I feel like as though a tiny man has set up residence in my throat and is forever tickling its walls with a feather duster. Whilst googling 'tiny man with feather duster' I came across this:

Which I found highly amusing! Though, I still feel like shite!

BUT I haven't exactly been helping myself. I went to my boyfriend's music college gig last night and stayed over at his because it finished so late (I had an hour and a half journey to school this morning!). I really enjoyed it, however I cannot lie and say all the acts were amazing, cos... well... they weren't. The first act was a guy on an acoustic and a female vocalist and she kept telling the poor guitarist that he was playing the songs wrong! I felt so sorry for him. It was a shame because I thought she was a pretty good singer she just needs to work on her performing haha.My boyfriend's college band (called Whitestar) were great, though Ross insists that he went wrong in so many place, I cant say I noticed.

Anyway! Enough chit chat, here's a couple videos of the gig with my shoddy camera skillz:

*Ross is the guitarist on the right*

*Yet another example of my shoddy camera skills*
It's a shame that the memory card for my camera only let me film three songs (one of which I cleverly deleted by accident) because they performed their own songs too which were rather brilliant. I also definitely need to work on my camera skills, though in all fairness I couldn't really stop people from walking in front of me. The quality is rather terrible too, however good news is I'll hopefully be getting one for my birthday next month! Ooh its all exciting stuff!

I shall leave it at that and carry on sipping at my Lemsip! Have a good rest of the week!



  1. haha love how you googled 'tiny man with feather duster', hope you get better soon :) x

    1. Its what happens when im ill and bored! Thanks x


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