Monday, 12 March 2012

I Ventured Outside!

Hello! Hope you all had a smashing weekend! I stayed over at my boyfriends and he decided a short walk would be a great idea before I headed home. Well a ten minute walk turned into a four hour one! We ended up lost in the woods though admittedly it was so worth it. The views were just gorgeous! I also managed to get some outside shots of my outfit, just to show you that yes, I do venture outside. Sometimes. 

Hat: Boyfriends
Scarf: Charity Shop
Jumper: Internationale
Top: Friends
Waistcoat: DIY
Shorts: DIY
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Vintage 
 *Face shot!*

This is probably my favourite jumper, I've had it since i was about 12 and its from Internationale (back when it was cool) and has washed and worn so great. Though I do have to admit the arms are a little on the short side, but nothing a stylish bit of sleeve rolling wont solve. I stole this hat off my boyfriend when it was really cold outside once and just, well never gave it back. These shorts are making yet another appearance, well what can I say? They are my fave after all. I do regret wearing tights on our little expedition as they kept getting snagged on all the branches and brambles. Believe me I looked more than a little worse for wear by the time we reach civilization once again! But like I said it was worth it and here are some photos to prove that: 

 *Ross being a silly!*

 It really was beautiful and we stumbled across a great camping area where we intend to return to in the summer. Oh and you would not believe but we were sat in this field and two deer emerged from within the trees and stood looking at us for about five minutes then cantered away. It was amazing, just wish my camera hadn't have run out of battery by then. Though I did managed to cobble a video together with my shitty amazing video editing skills. 

 *Sorry the camera quality is shite!*


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