Monday, 30 July 2012

Walks and Ponytails.

I was in the process of writing this blog post yesterday when my boyfriend Ross pulled the plug on my laptop and forced me to go on a walk. I wasn't happy to say the least but admittedly I really did enjoy the walk as it was such a lovely evening and there was practically no one about. If you follow me on instagram (safiyamarie) then you can have a looksee at some picture we took. 
Dress: H&M
Cardigan:Saved from being chucked out

Moving away from being forced to do exercise here is what I wore to my friends house on Thursday. I took these photos when I got back hence the flash and what not. I don't think they turned out too bad but I do prefer my normal shots. 

I bought this dress a couple summers ago and wore it for the first time at a house party. I ended up getting rather drunk and jumping out of a window (it seemed the best idea at the time) and catching the dress on the side of the window resulting in a giant hole. Upon discovering the giant hole I cried. A lot. 

I'm proud to say that I've recovered from the traumatic event and have since patched up the hole. 

I'm also wearing a cardigan? Waistcoat? Wooly thing without sleeves? Seriously someone one help me out here. Anyway, I retrieved this item from a bag of my dads clothes that my mum was chucking out. I just love throwing it over otherwise 'boring' outfits and is great for the summer if it's a bit nippy but not nippy enough for a cardigan. 

Going off track here, but wasn't the Olympic Opening Ceremony awesome? Well apart from the hobbit bit at the beginning of course. What did you guys reckon to it? Personally the best bit was the giant blow up Voldemort, I mean how awesome was that?

Just as a bit of a dread update: they're coming along nicely though some of them are still wrapped in wool and I've banded the roots of some of them as the roots are a tad loose. I guess only time will tell. I've decided to leave my top layer of hair loose as I think it suits my face better and still allows me to do other things with my hair. Perhaps I'll dread the whole of it in the future, we shall see.

Ross did my hair for me yesterday before we went on our walk, it turned out really pretty don't you think? I might have to enlist his help with my hair more often. 

Here's the Beatles:

Because I've had this in my head all day. 


Friday, 27 July 2012

Midget On Giant Steps.

Hello, happy Friday. Anyone going to watch the Olympic opening ceremony tonight? I wont lie I'm rather looking forward to it. I'm a sucker for fireworks and big dances and shit. I'll be watching it with a couple friends as we're having a girly night with popcorn as one of my friends is jetting off on Monday even though she only just got back from backpacking around Europe for a month. Crazy.

I met up with Ross in town on Sunday and wasn't it glorious? We bought some snacks and sat in the square where we spent the majority of the afternoon taking pictures of ourselves blowing bubbles with some 17p bubble gum. Long live Home Bargains!

Gosh don't I look short stood on those glorious steps. I'm utterly dwarfed by the massive gates behind me. But hey they say good things come in small packages. I'm sporting my new shorts that I got from Topshop when I finally spent a voucher that I got for my birthday. I very rarely buy anything from Topshop as I just think it's so overpriced for what it is so I was pretty indecisive about what to spend my voucher on. I happened to pop in when there was a sale on and found these pretty shorts in my size for only 15 quid so I snapped them up before anyone else did.

Top: Primark 
Shorts: Topshop
Waistcoat: So God Damn Old
Shoes: Converse
Bag: Topman

I'll admit the colours in this outfit are far more wintery than you'd expect in the recent weather we've been having, but I'm just not really a summery person. The majority of my wardrobe consists of blacks and blues and purples. And jumpers, a hell of a lot of jumpers. Considering my wintery wardrobe I reckon I've coped alright in these sporadic summer spells that have graced the UK this year.

*Ross said this lady was dressed better than me*

Here's a close up of my bum that Ross thought would be funny to take, though you can see the detail of the floral pattern so I included it anyway. Boys eh?

Anyway, I'm off to feed the boyfriend and my brother before they start turning ugly. I'm thinking a chilli con carne might go down well.

Here's a bit of Muse to warm you up for the Olympics:

Because I am so excited.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Hello there. I'm currently listening to Wham! as I just felt like they were briefly missing from my life. Perhaps it's due to the fact that the sun has finally popped its head out from beneath the clouds and put me in a good mood. I was dancing around my room before I sat down to do this post. Don't judge me.

 Leopard Print Body: Ebay
Jeans: River Island
Belt: Vintage

Dancing aside, here's an outfit I wore when my mum dragged me to Leeds to finally sort out her phone. I was reluctant to go as I'm a lazy bugger but we actually had a great time. Apparently the Queen was visiting Leeds but I was too busy munching on a lasagne in Bella Italia to be entirely bothered.

The leopard print body is one that I purchased off Ebay when I was going through a leopard print phase. When it first arrived it looked tiny, and I mean it looked like a baby grow. Luckily it did fit after much speculation as I rather like bodies. I know a lot of people aren't fond of them as they can be pretty awkward to get in and out of (especially when you need to pee) and look much the same as tucking a top in yet there's something I just really like about them.

Perhaps it's the fact that I don't have to worry about bending over and gracing the world with my underwear. 

Jacket: Charity Shop

This jacket was a charity shop find many moons ago when me and my mum had gone on one of our first charity shop expeditions. Now I am ashamed to say this was the first time I had ever worn it which is pretty bad considering the fact that I've had it lurking in my wardrobe for a good few months. Eek. I was just a little put off by it when my boyfriend said I looked like an emo. Nevertheless, it has grown on me so you might be seeing it on this blog a little more.

 Turquoise Ring: H&M
Above Knuckle Ring: Friend
Thumb Ring: Primark
Star Ring: Topshop

I also finally spent the 20 pound Topshop voucher that I received for my birthday which seems ages ago now. I'll be showcasing what I got in the next post or so, but here you can see the ring I snapped up in the sale. I'm getting quite a collection of rings now, reckon I need to target my pathetic selection of necklaces next. 

As a final note you can follow me on either Twitter or Instagram if you so wish, just search safiyamarie and my face should pop up.

Here's Wham! for you to have a jig about to:

Because I don't want to be the only idiot dancing to it.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

Denim and Check.

Hello there. I feel like I have been the ultimate lazy person for the past couple of days. Seriously, I could be eligible for a 'Laziest Person' award or some shit. I need to get my act together and stop waking up at midday and then having numerous cups of tea before actually getting out of bed. 

Goal for tomorrow: Wake up before 12 in the afternoon.

Shirt: H&M
Dress: H&M (Given to me by a friend)
Fishnets: Primark 

Laziness aside, here is an outfit that I wore last Wednesday (seems yonks ago, I know) when me and my good friend Ben took advantage of Orange Wednesdays and went to the cinema to see Snow White and The Huntsman. I had a fab time meeting up with Ben who left school two years ago to go to dance college so I don't get to see him much. It was nice as it wasn't awkward at all like it sometimes can be when you haven't seen someone in ages but we got on like a house on fire. 

The film was surprisingly good considering my expectations were low due to Kristen Stewart being a bit of a stone when it comes to emotion. The fact that the film had a nice bit of eye candy in the form of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) made the whole film all the more enjoyable. Though I couldn't help notice that his part in Snow White was pretty much the same character as Thor only grubbier. Go figure. 

Onto the clothes, after all that's what you're here for, right? This was a bit of fluke outfit in all honesty. I'd put on the dress with just a cardigan but felt too 'boring' so I threw on the shirt and tied it in a knot. I reckon it would have looked better with a red flannel shirt to stop my outfit look Unfortunately I don't own a red flannel shirt (adds red flannel shirt to wish list) so the blue will have to do.

*Dread moustache? Don't mind if I do*

Just as an update on the dreads: I know have 15 little dread babies though they're not pictured as I made them yesterday with the help of the lovely Josie, when I say help I mean she stood and watched and kinda made sure my sections were even/straight. I'm going to leave my latest ones to settle a bit before making anymore. Ooh it's all exciting stuff. 

Elephant Necklace: Ebay
Turquoise Ring: H&M
Skeleton Ring: Ebay
Skull Ring with Pearl: Ebay
Stupid Cuff: Stolen from the Boyfriend

Anyway folks I reckon that's enough from me. I should be back to normal regular blogging now, I've just been busy being sociable, which is a first for me. I normally just stay at home staring at the walls. I'm kidding. 

Also just a big welcome to new followers and thank you to everyone who comments on these posts of mine. I read and reply to every single one. 

Here's a bit of Coldplay to satisfy your ears:

Because it's all yellow. 


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Gingham Bralet.

Hello, sorry for my short absence I've been rather busy actually being sociable and getting out of the house. I've got a small backlog of outfits to share with you in the next couple of posts so keep your eyes peeled. 

 Top: DIY (from old dress)
Skirt: Primark
Tights feat. massive hole: Primark

This one here is what I wore on Tuesday when I met up with some friends who had just come back from a boozing holiday somewhere in Greece. We all met in good ol' Wetherspoons and it was nice catching up with everyone as I hadn't seen a lot of them for a while and there was much holiday gossip to be shared. So much so that I ended up staying from 2 till 10. 

I'd been lusting after a bralet like this one and this one but after trying a couple on I was forced to accept the fact that my chest was just too big for them to suit me. When I tried on a size 10 it would fit on my rib cage but be too small on my chest but a 12 would fit on my chest and be too baggy elsewhere. After my disappointment was cast aside I remembered I had this lovely one that I'd made.

I helped one of my good friends clear out her wardrobe about a year ago and she let me rummage through the unwanted pile to see if there was anything that took my fancy. Now I'm definitely not one to pass up free clothes so I picked a fair few things, the dress that I used to make this top being one of them. It was a nice enough dress but it had a funny sort of 'bubble' skirt, which with my hips look horrendous on me. So I chopped it in half and hemmed it resulting in this lovely sort of bralet.

*Taking duck lips to a whole new level*

I'm going to make myself another cup of tea, perhaps in my octopus mug, and then catch up on all of the blog posts that I've missed. And there's a lot.

Also here's two music videos for you, must be your lucky day. The first is Delilah's version of Inside My Love that popped up this morning on Sunday Brunch and I'm in love with the video but I can't help think that Minnie's original vocals (second video) are just something you can't replace. Anyway, decide for yourself and let me know what you think. 



Monday, 9 July 2012

Checked Skirt And Fishnets.

Hello everyone. I've had this post open for about ten minutes but hadn't written anything as I got distracted by my knitting needles. I swear knitting is so addictive. Anyway, I've put them aside now but they keep looking at me.

Top: Primark
Skirt: Ebay Then Customised 

This is an outfit I wore a couple days ago but only managed to snap today as my sister coming back from London means I haven't had the room to myself until today. I'm wearing my 'new' skirt that I got off Ebay for a only a couple quid. It was originally a wrap skirt but I trimmed both sides and added buttons after seeing one similar to this on an online shop but I cant for the life of me find it again. After getting pretty frustrated with the button holes it probably would have been easier to just buy to sodding thing. Nevertheless, I still love it. 

 I also managed to make some more dreads, I now have seven lovely baby dreads. The cream/brown wool that you can see wrapped around them is just there to keep them neat and hopefully avoid lots of loose hair. I must say I'm pretty proud of my efforts and can't wait to be a full dread head. I'll stop yabbing on about my dreads when the novelty has worn off, I promise.

Creepers: Ebay

On another note, my tripod broke. The top swivel-y bit (technical term) just snapped off, just like that. So taking these pictures was a bit of a nightmare as my camera just doesn't like to balance in a portrait fashion. Hence the landscape ones.

*I'm such an idiot*

I haven't been up to much recently other than doing a hell of a lot of tie dying. I was going to do a bit of a video tutorial on it but filming whilst dying turned out harder than I'd first anticipated. I will however share the results with you and perhaps do a written step by step so you too can jump on the tie dye bandwagon.

Other than that I haven't been up to much at all. I did clear out our summer house/shed yesterday (by clearing out I mean shoving everything in a corner to make room for more crap) and I don't think I'd ever let out such a high pitched scream. Why I screamed I hear you ask? My lovely pet cat had only gone and brought in a dead mouse! 

Dead mice aside, here's a bit of oldschool Maroon 5:

Because this is all I have been listening to for the past hour. 



Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pirate Belt.

Hello there, today one of my charity shop treasures is getting its first feature on this blog of mine. This is the amazing Topshop find that I purchased for a measly £2.95 when I went out bargain hunting with my mum. It's so comfortable despite smelling strongly of flowery detergent (note to self: always wash charity shop items before wearing regardless of how excited you are to put them on) which I'm not keen on. I don't like my clothes smelling of anything other than clean, I guess. Some detergents are just a tad overpowering for me.

Top: Charity Shop
Leopard Print Bandeau (Worn Underneath): Ebay
Belt: Vintage
Skirt: Topshop

Anyway, enough of detergents this is after all a 'fashion' blog. I wore my leopard print bandeau underneath to protect my modesty as the jumper is just a tad see through. I would rather have worn my plain black one but I couldn't find it unfortunately. So leopard print it is, though I don't think it looks so bad.

 *Pow booty out the window*

I wore my 'new' jumper with my lovely Topshop maxi skirt and this gorgeous belt, what I call my pirate belt, that I found in a vintage shop which has sadly closed down now. I'm wearing the skirt high waisted though I'm not entirely sure it's meant to be worn like that, I'm just so god damn short!

You probably can't see them but I am now the proud owner of three dread locks! I'm already in love with them and cannot wait to make the next layer up, I just need someone else to make sure that my sections are even as I'd like them to be pretty neat. If anyone has/had dreadlocks please don't hesitate to give me some advice, although I've done a lot of research I'm still new to it all.

Elephant Necklace; Ebay
Flower Ring; Primark
Skeleton Ring: Ebay
Big Stone Ring: H&M
Above Knuckle Ring: Friend

I would just like to say thank you for all of your comments, I honestly read and reply to every single one. Also, hello to my new followers, welcome to the family!

So as a warm welcome I give you this:

Because everyone loves a bit o' Jason. 


Thursday, 5 July 2012

I Am Not A Robot.

Good evening everyone. I'm currently typing up a list of things to take to university with me, and my gosh I'm going to need to travel down in a lorry looking at how long my list is at the moment. And it's not even finished.

One thing I am certain is going to take up the most space is my clothes. My mum keeps telling me that all I'll need is a couple pair of jeans, a jumper and trainers as that's what she lived in. I don't even own any trainers. 

Cardigan: Dads
Shirt: Charity Shop
Shorts: Customised
Belt: Vintage 

This shirt is definitely something I'll be taking with me despite the fact that its missing a button and the top one only stays closed with the aid of a concealed safety pin. I have bought some buttons to replace these temperamental ones but just haven't got round to it yet. Like many things on my growing to do list.

These are most likely my most worn pair of shorts, so much so that they recently decided to give up on me and create two rips at the base (see right hand bum cheek). As a way to resurrect them I patched them up with some spare floral fabric which I then also applied to the opposite pocket just to tie the whole thing together. I think it adds a nice subtle feature to the shorts and gives them a new lease of life. 

Well for now. I have a feeling they're standing on their last legs.

*Just doing a spot of yoga*

My sister has been down in London with her boyfriend for the past few days so I've been spoilt by having the room to myself for a while as I unfortunately share a room (bummer, I know). However the indulgence is coming to an end as she comes back today which means I've had to clear the room of all my messy ongoing DIY projects.

I have documented some of my DIYs as I've gone along but they just seem either too unique to a specific item or just clumsy (I often make things up as I go along) to post them up on this here blog of mine. I did however manage to purchase some fabric dye for tie dying some bedding, so I'll hopefully be able to share with you the results and process with you.
In other news I finally started making some dreads! I've only made three so far right at the back of my head of which you can see a picture on my Tumblr. I'm really excited about making more, though I'm going to leave these for a week to see how they get on and such things before adding to them. 

Right I reckon that's enough from me. Here's a little something to sweeten up your ears:

Because Marina is a babe. 


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Charity Shop Treasures.

Hello dears, hope you are all well. A couple days ago me and my mum decided to go into town on a whim and see if there was anything good in the ol' charity shops. Sometimes when I go charity shop shopping I don't find many great items but this time we really weren't disappointed, I guess it was just one of those lucky days. As my mum is so lovely she decided to treat me to everything I got and even some tea with scones afterwards (loveyoumum).

In the first charity shop alone we found many a great item. This lovely denim shirt/ jacket being one of them.

It's originally from Firetrap and only cost £4.50. What a steal eh? I reckon I'm going to add a few studs to the collar or something, well I will when they bloody arrive. It still says they haven't been dispatched yet. Damn you Ebay!

This next Item has to be my fave, so much so that I am wearing it now. It's originally from Topshop and cost a measly £2.95.

 My mum actually found it and I fell in love instantly. It's literally just a basic crop top with sleeves but there was just something about it that made me like it so much. Maybe it was the colour or that a number of outfits featuring this item popped into my head. Either way, it is now mine! 

This little gem of a dress was another of my mums brilliant finds, originally from Warehouse but I can't remember how much it cost as I can't find the price tag after I excitedly pulled it off in order to try it as soon as we got home. It can't have been any more than a fiver making it a definite bargain. I can see myself styling this is so many ways so keep your eyes peeled.

I also bagged this copy of Catch-22 for just £1.50, now I must admit I have absolutely no idea what its about but one of my friends was reading and apparently its a classic. I'm such a poor excuse for a future English Literature student.

Although my aim for the summer is to read as much as humanly possible so perhaps by September I'll be a model student and wow everyone with my superb and diverse knowledge of Literature. 

I wish.

It'll be my grandma's 80th birthday in August so I picked her up this photo album and plan to fill it with lots of family photos. The only problem is my family isn't the sort to take very many pictures together so I'll have to round up the motley crew and get a few snaps. 

Well I reckon that's it for now, hope you enjoyed this post of my charity shop treasures so do comment if you would like to see more things like this. I have a few outfit posts lined up so expect one in a couple days. 

For now here's a bit if gaga:

 Because I had it stuck in my head.

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