Thursday, 5 July 2012

I Am Not A Robot.

Good evening everyone. I'm currently typing up a list of things to take to university with me, and my gosh I'm going to need to travel down in a lorry looking at how long my list is at the moment. And it's not even finished.

One thing I am certain is going to take up the most space is my clothes. My mum keeps telling me that all I'll need is a couple pair of jeans, a jumper and trainers as that's what she lived in. I don't even own any trainers. 

Cardigan: Dads
Shirt: Charity Shop
Shorts: Customised
Belt: Vintage 

This shirt is definitely something I'll be taking with me despite the fact that its missing a button and the top one only stays closed with the aid of a concealed safety pin. I have bought some buttons to replace these temperamental ones but just haven't got round to it yet. Like many things on my growing to do list.

These are most likely my most worn pair of shorts, so much so that they recently decided to give up on me and create two rips at the base (see right hand bum cheek). As a way to resurrect them I patched them up with some spare floral fabric which I then also applied to the opposite pocket just to tie the whole thing together. I think it adds a nice subtle feature to the shorts and gives them a new lease of life. 

Well for now. I have a feeling they're standing on their last legs.

*Just doing a spot of yoga*

My sister has been down in London with her boyfriend for the past few days so I've been spoilt by having the room to myself for a while as I unfortunately share a room (bummer, I know). However the indulgence is coming to an end as she comes back today which means I've had to clear the room of all my messy ongoing DIY projects.

I have documented some of my DIYs as I've gone along but they just seem either too unique to a specific item or just clumsy (I often make things up as I go along) to post them up on this here blog of mine. I did however manage to purchase some fabric dye for tie dying some bedding, so I'll hopefully be able to share with you the results and process with you.
In other news I finally started making some dreads! I've only made three so far right at the back of my head of which you can see a picture on my Tumblr. I'm really excited about making more, though I'm going to leave these for a week to see how they get on and such things before adding to them. 

Right I reckon that's enough from me. Here's a little something to sweeten up your ears:

Because Marina is a babe. 



  1. Those shorts are lush! I wish I could get away with such short shorts! :D

    1. Ahh thank you, Im sure you could!

  2. I'm dealing with the same nightmare of packing for college... I've already filled an entire suitcase and I haven't even gotten to my clothes yet. Oh god.

    Those shorts are so so cute.

    Now following you.

    1. Oh dear, I haven't even started packing yet... Thanks so much!

  3. i always make DIYs up as i go along too! I always think i know best!! you have such a lovely blog!!

    1. Haha, me too! And then I get frustrated when it goes wrong. Thank you!

  4. Nice shorts dear.

    1. Lovely outfit, cute blog!

      Emma x

  5. great outfit! beautiful :)

  6. Love the shirt - I don't know what to pack clothes-wise for uni either! It's definitely a tough one; this outfit's a winner though!


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