Monday, 2 July 2012


Good evening dears, as promised I sought another photo taking location and tried to make them seem more 'interesting'. My boyfriend Ross was over on Saturday so I thought I would give him the honour of taking some outfit shots for me.
We'd gone into town during the day where it was quite sunny so naturally I thought it would be sunny enough to take some outfit shots outside, how wrong was I? We were on the bus back it began to literally pour it down. So hence the indoor photos. 

Top: Primark
Skirt: Hand me down from friend
Creepers: Ebay

I didn't really buy anything that interesting, tights from Primark and some buttons for a skirt I wanted to customise (Picture of it up on my Instagram and Twitter: Search for safiyamarie). We then went to Starbucks where I people watched and Ross marveled at my bloody iPhone. I swear that thing is getting more attention than me, lol.
*Excuse the russian doll*

*My hair looks awful cos it got rained on :( *

Anyway, enough about my boring life. Onto the outfit. I've had this skirt for a while but just not worn it much despite loving it. The annoying thing with it is that it constantly twists and rises up when I walk, which is a shame as it looks so nice. I paired it with a basic top from Primark and tied it in a knot at the side (which you cant really see in the pictures but we'll pretend you can) to make it into a bit of a crop top. I was going to give it the chop but I quite like the way it looked with the knot in, so I guess its safe from the scissors... for now. 

I'm starting to get belly ache now. Does anyone else get that when they're tired? Just me? Thought so.

And on that note, here's something to pleasure your ears:

Because I love their whole bloody album. 



  1. ahhh I love this outfit with the creepers! x

  2. Dude! I love this outfit totally digging the orange!!!

  3. these shoes are awesome! :D

  4. oh its a shame it started to rain, and you couldnt take advantage of your photographer for the day! ;)
    but love this outfit! the orange tee and creepers look so good together. x

    1. I know right? Don't worry I'll collar him into taking pictures for me again sometime, haha. And thank you :)


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