Thursday, 19 July 2012

Denim and Check.

Hello there. I feel like I have been the ultimate lazy person for the past couple of days. Seriously, I could be eligible for a 'Laziest Person' award or some shit. I need to get my act together and stop waking up at midday and then having numerous cups of tea before actually getting out of bed. 

Goal for tomorrow: Wake up before 12 in the afternoon.

Shirt: H&M
Dress: H&M (Given to me by a friend)
Fishnets: Primark 

Laziness aside, here is an outfit that I wore last Wednesday (seems yonks ago, I know) when me and my good friend Ben took advantage of Orange Wednesdays and went to the cinema to see Snow White and The Huntsman. I had a fab time meeting up with Ben who left school two years ago to go to dance college so I don't get to see him much. It was nice as it wasn't awkward at all like it sometimes can be when you haven't seen someone in ages but we got on like a house on fire. 

The film was surprisingly good considering my expectations were low due to Kristen Stewart being a bit of a stone when it comes to emotion. The fact that the film had a nice bit of eye candy in the form of Chris Hemsworth (Thor) made the whole film all the more enjoyable. Though I couldn't help notice that his part in Snow White was pretty much the same character as Thor only grubbier. Go figure. 

Onto the clothes, after all that's what you're here for, right? This was a bit of fluke outfit in all honesty. I'd put on the dress with just a cardigan but felt too 'boring' so I threw on the shirt and tied it in a knot. I reckon it would have looked better with a red flannel shirt to stop my outfit look Unfortunately I don't own a red flannel shirt (adds red flannel shirt to wish list) so the blue will have to do.

*Dread moustache? Don't mind if I do*

Just as an update on the dreads: I know have 15 little dread babies though they're not pictured as I made them yesterday with the help of the lovely Josie, when I say help I mean she stood and watched and kinda made sure my sections were even/straight. I'm going to leave my latest ones to settle a bit before making anymore. Ooh it's all exciting stuff. 

Elephant Necklace: Ebay
Turquoise Ring: H&M
Skeleton Ring: Ebay
Skull Ring with Pearl: Ebay
Stupid Cuff: Stolen from the Boyfriend

Anyway folks I reckon that's enough from me. I should be back to normal regular blogging now, I've just been busy being sociable, which is a first for me. I normally just stay at home staring at the walls. I'm kidding. 

Also just a big welcome to new followers and thank you to everyone who comments on these posts of mine. I read and reply to every single one. 

Here's a bit of Coldplay to satisfy your ears:

Because it's all yellow. 



  1. oh i love your bodycon dress! you have an amazing figure for it :D
    love your style and your blog!! :)

  2. great outfit!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. The dress is so flattering on you. I also love all your jewelry, it's really unique.

    Ava Tallulah
    Enter My UO Giveaway

    1. Thank you, I've only started collecting jewelery recently. Mainly from Ebay, haha :)

  4. really cute outfit and a lovely song! xx

    1. Thank you, I'm quite a fan of Coldplay :)

  5. Cute checked shirt, and love your necklace x

  6. Just stumbled on your blog! Gah, you're fierce. I really love the detailing on the dress. I've been really into tying my shirts up, too! I used to do it all the time as a kid, but I quite enjoy doing it still, aha. And COLDPLAY. Classic! That's one of my favourite songs of theirs :) Good pick!

    Check out mine?

    1. Wow thanks! We should make a campaign to bring back tied shirts :) Sure I'd love to check you out :)

  7. Love the plaid blouse tied over the dress - such a cute look!

    The Other Side of Gray


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