Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Hello! Here's an outfit post of what I wore to a Jam Night my boyfriend organised. It was a bit of a flop as two bands pulled out and so it finished much earlier than expected, so me and a disappointed Ross got some chips and ate them in the cold, lol!  My mum was having a massive clear out the other day and threw away this tunic/dress as well as some other great pieces that I shall showcase on this here blog sometime soon!

Dress: Mum's
Bag: Topman
Hat: Vintage
Ring: Turkey

Please excuse the blank expressions, I'm yet to master the skill of facial expressions! I have a habit of wearing clothes that aren't mine it seems, what can I say? They just crawl into my wardrobe unannounced! But,I really do love this dress/ tunic thing. Its a size 16 and I reckon it was meant to be worn as a top, though I'm just about short enough for it to cover my bum. It's also got some handy ties around the waist to bring it in and avoid tent top syndrome. Hope you liked this, and thanks for reading! 

Love a bit of Marvin!

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