Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Feeling Dreadful.

I cant believe it's only Tuesday. I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep for 50 years then wake up and wonder why I have a beard and wrinkles. I imagine my hair would be down to my feet by then, as it grows at such a ridiculous rate, and I would dust the floor with my long locks as I walked. Hey, It would save me hoovering all the time. I realise I'm rambling now. Sorry.

Here is an outfit I wore last week but didn't have time to post unfortunately. I love the colour of this top which looks rather brown in these photos but IRL it's actually quite plum-y. The skirt I'm wearing was a spontaneous buy from The October Union as it was on sale for five dollars. You can see me wearing it in this post too. 

Skirt: The October Union
Top: Primark

Elephant Necklace: Ebay
Cross Necklace: Ebay
Ring: Ebay
Owl Necklace: Present from Ross

What is it with me and pirate faces, eh? Anyway, as you can see I decided to make myself an experimental dread, although I'm lacking in a crochet hook and so I have a lot of loose hair at the moment. I am planning on taking it out for my prom (thanks to this video I realised I wouldn't need to shave my head) as I would like to look elegant, lol, before I head off to uni and become a full time scruff.

Right, I'm going to curl up with a hot water bottle as my stomach is killing me, watch youtube videos on how to make my dread look less shit and read my friends Nanowrimo from last year all washed down with a cup of tea.

Because Amelie is a cracking film. 

Also, anyone out there who has dreadlocks and could help out a failing novice?



  1. Love your jewelery in this outfit! Feel better!

    1. Thanks Kelsey. Nothing a good cuppa wont sort out :) x

  2. The skirt is such a lovely pattern!

    Laila x

    1. Thank you Laila, It's my fave skirt at the moment x

  3. that skirt is pretty, really feminine and floaty - perfect for spring/summer
    keep up the lovely blog - and hope you can check out mine?


    1. I've been saving the skirt for better weather but it's so lovely I just couldn't wait! And thanks, sure I'll check you out :) x


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