Thursday, 10 May 2012


Hello everyone. Sorry It's been a while but I honestly haven't been wearing anything worth documenting of late. Need to get my arse in gear.

Moving on, here is what I wore today, and as you can see I am sporting a rather dashing checked shirt which my brother got me for Christmas from a charity shop. He's learning well. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple by teaming the shirt with a plain white T-shirt and denim shorts for an easy casual look.

 Shirt: Charity Shop
T-shirt: Stolen from friend
Denim Shorts: DIY
Big Elephant Necklace: Ebay
Little Elephant Necklace: Mum's
Long Red Necklace: DIY

*Yet another pirate pose for your entertainment*

Not sure If you can really see it or not (note to self: take detail shots) but I made the red necklace myself using a broken keyring my boyfriend got back from Turkey and some red cotton. Now let me tell you plaiting that red cotton together was the worst idea I have ever had, took blooming ages. So I've decided to order some leather cord off Ebay when my funds allow it so I can have a go at making my own jewelery and sharing it with all of you, of course. So watch this space.

Also, my yoga DVD came in the post, woo!

Because my friend said Frank Turner was a babe, and I couldn't agree more.




  1. awww I love this look. It's like you walked off the set of "My So-Called Life" and kudos to your brother on the good taste for the shirt ;)

  2. Thanks Chloe :) My brother is learning well, haha :)

  3. I really adore this look. Its stunning.

  4. im obsessed with elephants and i loooove your necklace!xx

    1. Ah thank you, I got it off Ebay for only 99p!

  5. you can never go wrong with a flannel shirt <3


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