Sunday, 3 June 2012

Leave You With A Letter.

Hello there. Not really sure how to start today. Erm. How about the weather seeing as that is what all good British people like to complain about on a daily basis. So, the weather is crap. Which is worrying me as I was planning a Jubilee garden party for tomorrow, and to be honest I don't fancy the idea of munching on a soggy sandwich. 

I planned on making bunting too. Goddamn you rain!

Anyway, about this outfit, well I wore this whilst the sun was still shining. I don't normally wear this maxi dress as a dress as it comes down pretty low at the front and makes me look just a tad too booby. Then I remembered this leopard print bandeau that I bought when I was suffering from a leopard print deficiency (My gosh the picture quality is pretty bad) and I reckon it works quite well with the maxi. Although, the bandeau does flatten my boobs down quite a bit which makes my figure look a tad pear shaped. Nothing wrong with that though, I like pears.
Dress: H&M
Bandeau: Ebay
Cardigan: Topshop (Hand Me Down)
Necklace: Ebay

Also, you may notice that I'm not wearing make-up again, as well I couldn't be arsed. I don't think I look too horrific, I mean my face looks a tad blank but what the hell, It's my face. 

I'm meeting my dad later on today which I'm feeling rather nervous for as I haven't seen him in around four years so I'm not quite sure what to expect. I'm sure It'll go fine but I can't help but feel apprehensive.

Another thing I'm nervous for is my bloody exams. I have revision posters up around my room and quotes in my bathroom so I can cry out that ''all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand'' when I'm washing my hands. If you know where that quote is from I will give you a virtual high five. 

But for now I'm giving you this:

Because...Just because. 



  1. Lovely as per usual! And urgh the weather is disappointing! I'd be more upset if i didnt find rain so calming though!
    Have a lovely sunday xoxoxo

    1. Thank you dear! I find rain calming too, I like to just watch it sometimes. That's a bit weird of me isn't it?

  2. very cute outfit. simple but still stylish. i love your cardigan. Follow me back please? :)

  3. don't mind the weather you're looking great anyway!

    1. Aww cheers. I just hope its nice when I actually finish school :)

  4. Really love your dresss and the print on it :) gorgeous <3

  5. Looking gorgeous!



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